Friday, March 13, 2009

paris envy

paris' evening
a bird trapped
in its charms.
by john tiong chung hoo

at the tippy-top of my great, long list of "to-do's", is to visit paris and all "its charms" with my family. luckily i can live vicariously through nichole robertson until that day appears. she takes the most fantabulous photographs of quaint cafes and streets, fancy parisian sweets (need i say more?), and anything else that catches her fancy... and her very artistic eye. i realize as i admire her photos, that i really could use a better camera for taking pictures. oh- some talent and a scenic location such as paris, couldn't hurt either...

aren't these tulips beautiful? isn't the photograph of the tulips beautiful? see what i mean? view more photos of her and her family's adventures in paris at

as if i needed more motivation and affirmation to head to paris, i discovered "paris on a budget" by gourmet magazine at usa today's website. bad economy or good economy- i'm always for a great deal.

as a family we are going to learn how to speak french. that way when we finally master the language somewhat and make our way to paris, we can ask for an eclair or some pain in proper fashion. "i mai s'il vous plait un eclaire?"

heureux vendredi (happy friday),

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  1. Ahhh... vicariously... one of my favorite words. Likely because I live it so often.
    heureux dimanche