Thursday, March 5, 2009


earlier this week, my first born child surprised me by commenting that her heart's desire was to have an "old-style" typewriter. what is this? i couldn't believe my ears.

i don't know about you, but i was thinking that it was very cool that she would request that over a new nintendo or psp (or whatever is the latest and the greatest), so happily i obliged. after a quick search on ebay, and then onto one of my favorite websites- the local craigslist, i found this beauty... an olivetti lettera 32. something about the seafoam color and the description of this compact retro workhouse being used from the Vietnam rice paddies to Paris coffeehouses made my heart swoon.

and check out the neato-bendito, spanish characters on the keys...this little guy is a world traveler. from buenos aires. i think i'm in love...

turns out my dad still has his old royal and now my daughter will be the third generation to use it. i hope that she'll enjoy tap-tap-tapping on it during lazy afternoons, watching the figments of her imagination leap from the keys onto her paper. and i hope my dad won't mind if i paint his old royal this really cool turquoise color.
and as for that olivetti lettera 32...maybe i'll keep that one for myself:)

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