Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bug love

ever since i was a wee lass, i've coveted my cousin brad's '68 black convertible bug. funny, i don't remember ever actually riding in it although i did get to cruise in his sister's ghia-what great fun too!. i do remember longing, hoping one day that i would own my own convertible bug...maybe even have brad's beetle one day. i think i held a funeral the day brad broke up with his girlfriend and she relinquished custody of it and bye-bye bug... what a lucky girlfriend.

i got over my heartbreak (kinda) and so did brad, and i figured one day probably when i was old and gray and had some cabbages to throw around, i'd own one. mind you, not one of the newer, slick, easter-egg hued bugs you see zipping around town, but the older-quirky-rumbling-retro version.

i didn't have to wait too long. christmas 2008 to be exact. see the mr. above? he's so sneaky...

and here she, meet madam blueberry!
last friday, the first 70 degree day of the year, we were finally able to dust her off so she could make her debut. we packed the kids, the dog, turned the top down, and headed to the park (the long way, of course) for a picnic. i feel a little embarassed to say it, but we felt a bit like celebrities, as we puttered along, sun on our faces and wind blowing through our hair. people stopped to look, wave, honk, smile, and we even got one thumbs up. now i know that it wasn't us that was garnering all the attention, rather the car, but it was fun to pretend we were famous.

speaking of kids, here are the rascals. i think they did their share of waving and had a fun time in the back seat enjoying life and having fun. i'm pretty sure they will put this somewhere in their memory files, hopefully in the happy section.

i know i definitely will. it was every bit the wait and more.


p.s. first picture of the black bug is by gl0ri.

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