Thursday, April 23, 2009

little thank you's

i went into my kids' school, just like every wednesday, and look what happened!
i was bamboozled by some 20 pretty cool first-graders and one talented teacher.
actually i am embarrassed to say that i was 10 minutes late (without a good excuse) and as i walked through the door, mrs. polglaze stopped the kids from whatever they were doing. in a snap, 20 pairs of eyes were focused on me. my first thought was crud, i am going to be made an example of how not to be late...

instead, i was rewarded with this...

and this...20 sweet and thoughtful cards.

i so love their artwork and the touching things that they wrote. i think this picture looks even better than the "real" version of me.

and this picture cracks me up: forget about's the easter bunny pointing to some chocolate chip cookies instead- er, they are cookies right?

and this is the 'after' pic of me once i polished all those chocolate chip cookies that the easter bunny made.

all this just for doing something that i enjoy and feel blessed to do. their appreciation and kindness made an already sunny day brighter. i plan to pay it forward.

it's amazing what little thank you's can do.

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