Tuesday, May 5, 2009

ode to blogging moms

in honor of the upcoming mother's day, i've thought about what makes certain moms i've known or come to know in some form or another, extraordinary. there are many moms that pop into mind that i'm blessed to know personally and then there are blogging moms that i've come to feel as if i know them personally through their trials, shining moments, and creative endeavors. here are a few of my favorites:

gabrielle blair
she's hip and she's a new yorker that recently relocated to denver, colorado. mom of 5 kids ('nuff said) who finds the most fantastical kid (and big people) items. she seems down to earth and yet fun- you know, the kind of mom your kids, and yourself, would like to hang out with. and look at this family photo...egads. how does one dress 5 people (correction: 7 people including herself and her hubby) with all those colors and patterns in such a coordinated and fashionable way? my daughter would be in heaven.
ree drummond
i love the pioneer woman's colorful insights and her sense of humor on everyday little occurances on her ranch where she lives with marlboro man (her sig other) plus her punk and punkettes. this lady is funny. i mean FUNNY. and talented. she homeschools her four kids (okay, she's crazy too- ha!) and still finds time to help run a ranch, cook amazing meals for her family and ranch help, and host complete strangers/guest bloggers in her beautiful home. then she finds time to artfully blog ( and take totally artistic photos) about the above mentioned... and more. phew! just talking about it all, makes me tired. pioneer woman, i am not worthy!

anna maria horner
she's a mom. she's a fabric designer. artist. talented photographer (see above). business woman. blogger. and she's phenomenally creative. she's preggers with her 6th child (they span 18 years old and college bound to bun in the oven) and she still manages to look and exude youthfulness and manage a fabric business to boot...i think she's one of the pioneers of fabulous, modernized, hippy chic fabric and the mastermind of some equally fabulous clothing and home good patterns. i admire her balance and commitment to both of her passions- family and her craft.

and last but not least:
stephanie nielson
my favorite. stephanie nielson is a blogger from utah, and lives with her doting husband and 4 young, beautiful children. i love the aura of her blog; it's like stepping into an anthropologie catalog- all dreamy and artfully documented but so personal. i may be speaking to the choir, because many know about stephanie and her husband already, but stephanie was in a plane accident that burned 80% of her body and 30% of her husband's. i had admired her blog pre-accident for her devotion to her family, her perspective on life, and the simplicity and creativity that she diffuses into her home all in the name of her family. now that admiration is 100 fold for her strength and humor through this trial.

so, here it is...my favorite mom bloggers. what are yours?

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