Friday, May 15, 2009

friday alliteration

the mr. brought home a mystery package yesterday.
when i looked inside, it made me say, mmmmmmmmmmmm.
and yum...
and hooray!
because you can only get this scrumptious treat once a year
and only if you beat everyone else to the punch.
people trespass to find them.
get in rock 'em sock 'em robot fights
to win out.

what could cause such a reaction?

morel mushrooms...that's what.

i've had them before, but never prepared them. my wheels were turning and my creative juices were flowing with ideas: mushroom panini, mushroom soup, mushroom bechemel sauce...

but we were pressed for time, so we resorted towards simple and easy. lana's spring sing was last night and in a rush to get to school and in a rush to use up the morels whilst they were fresh, we chopped them up. sauteed them in butter. threw in some crackers. scrambled some eggs. and tossed in a little seasoning.

ta da! scrambled eggs a la super dee duper!
(sorry there's no pic of the scrambled eggs. i mentioned that we were
in a hurry last night, right?).

it wasn't fancy, but it sure was yummy.

and if it seems a travesty to waste such specialness on something as common and simple as scrambled eggs, all is not lost. my husband's coworker (who so graciously shared his mushroom treasure with us) is morel hunting this weekend, so i may have a second chance at culinary redemption. you can imagine the serious butt-kissing going on...

mr., mystery, mmmmmm, morel mushrooms.

it's a wrap.

and it's friday friends! amen.
have a fabulous weekend.

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