Friday, May 29, 2009

leaving the nest

can you stand yet another picture of these little guys?
this week, junior, bacon cheeseburger and talia have grown exponentially and have sprouted actual feathers with white markings on them. their beaks and eyes are formed and they look like they are almost full grown so much that we hardly recognize them anymore! (funny i've heard the same sage warning about kids, but i'm thankful mine will be sticking around for awhile yet...).

we've all been walking up to the nest and taking peeks of all three of the babies nestled together. i think over the week mama robin and baby robins have gotten used to us, and i have to admit, the kids and i have had a blast observing our little tenants. mama bird still flies away when she sees us, but she's never too far away. she's such a good little mum...

and so adorable they are, all squished together looking slightly uncomfortable. maybe a bit too much, because today the kids spied junior leaving the nest and flying away...{sigh-combination of happy and sad}. i think soon we'll be looking at an empty nest.

one down, and two to go...

happy friday too!

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