Friday, May 22, 2009

three day weekend (here we come)

[photo by friendly made

this memorial day weekend, we’ll be headin’ up to keith’s grandma’s farm for some r&r, hiking and fishing (and if it’s warm enough, swimming). i’m also looking forward to partaking in some of keith’s uncle’s famous bbq ribs, which I happen to get only 4-5 some odd years at a time.

so, in preparation for the two days, I have my lists in hand: my grocery list, packing list, and my master "to-do" list of things that must be done before we leave. anyone else like this? it drives my husband crazy because his idea of packing is throwing one clean pair of tidy whities and a toothbrush in a bag. in this respect and many others we balance ourselves out.

between the two of us, we did remember to pack the important stuff:

the kids
cooler full of cold beverages
sleeping bags
inflatable lake floaties
fishing poles
roasting sticks
and s’mores-homeade (yeah!)

and there i go again with my lists...

have a relaxing memorial day weekend!

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