Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day

the visit to the farm was every bit of fun and relaxing as we thought it would be...we headed home a day earlier than we would have liked (to beat the dreaded holiday traffic), but we didn't leave without paying a visit to keith's grandma and grandpa at the town cemetary. it was their beloved farm that we visited and where my hubby spent many happy days of his childhood.

my kids were blessed to have met their great-grandma velma and to recall some memories of her. (she called them little sacks of sugar and read their favorite books to them). there was always a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone. as a sidenote, she made the best homeade doughnuts and strawberry jam (which we got for christmas every year, my very favorite gift).

grandma velma was married to grandpa george, who passed away when keith was about 11 years old. unfortunately we never got to meet grandpa george although many stories have been passed on and retold. he was a wwii vet and fought at the battle of the bulge and contracted malaria during his service. i know that he never talked about his time serving in the army, and that he was broken hearted when grandma velma, his longtime childhood friend, married another man. sometime after, grandma velma's husband who was also fighting in wwii, died in battle. when grandpa george returned home, he proposed..and the rest they say was history.

something that's easily lost.

so that's why we stopped to remember and pay our respects this memorial day. we hope that the stories that lana and little man hear will stay in their hearts and be engraved into their memoires so one day they will pass everything on to their little ones. and that they pause every now and then in life and on special days like today...

and appreciate the sacrifices that were made by their great-grandpa george and countless others throughout the years that risked their lives and everything that they had. and to also know their grandpa george, the man.

happy memorial day to all,


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