Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day at a glance

all weekend we got to look at this: there was plenty of relaxing on keith's family farm, visiting with family, a little bit of fishing and even swimming because this year the sun shone brightly...not bad for memorial day weekend in wisconsin, where you never know what you're going to get in the weather department. i even got to chow down on some of uncle mac's famous bbq ribs, which were totally worth the five hour car ride getting up to the farm. sorry, there are no photos. we took care of all the evidence.
the kids turned into some serious fisherpeople over the weekend, perfecting their casting and excercising great patience.

luckily s.a.a.j. (special agent auntie jay) was on hand to bait the worms on their hooks.

hey, a.j., i totally owe you one!!!

our fishing excursion was successful...

after the mr. caught his large mouth bass, the kiddos deliberated whether it was humane to eat the fish or not. it was hilarious to hear them debate the issue, though finally, hunger won out. (the fish was delish by the way...nothing like fresh caught fish in a fresh, clean lake).
it's a law that whenever we go somewhere, we always forget something...this time it was the bucket for the fish. so fordy was in charge of babysitting the fish...
er, walking the fish. or something like that.

we rounded out the weekend with birthday cake for keith's brother andy,
who incidently is a kid magnet...not that you can tell or anything.

some napping while waiting for uncle andy to give out four wheeler rides...
i did mention he was a kid magnet, yes?

frog catching...and frog kissing
(which does not yield any princes, we concluded),

some very important, cousin bonding time,

and s'mores, star gazing and hiking.

it was the perfect weekend...

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  1. One of my favorite places of ALL time. Aunt Val taught me how to swim in Dead Goose. I took swimming lessons twice back home but still did not learn. Then one summer Aunt Val, in her encouraging voice, told me to just paddle like a dog. And I did it! She and I swam around for what seemed like hours. I do miss her.
    Memories of fish nipping at my toes, fishing for hours, walking for what seemed like miles to get to the lake in the hot summer sun and then arriving to the woods where the coolness swept in and then practically running down the hill to get to the lake. Then hiking back up that gigantic hill (seemed like it when I was a kid) to get back to the house where Aunt Val would have homemade donuts for us and there was always room at the table. Remembering sitting for hours around the table peeling "millions" of apples to make apple pie and talking about anything and everything. I can still hear her voice.
    Remembering the Joe, Andy, keith and Scott putting firecrackers in frogs' mouths, lighting them, and throwing them in the air only to watch them (in complete HORROR I might add) explode into pieces. So many fond memories...exploding frogs included. :)