Thursday, May 21, 2009


i like to run. it gives me much needed clarity and quiet time in my life, plus it's a fantastic cardio workout. really, truth be told, i run partly because i'm lazy. i know once i spill the beans to everyone i know that i'm training for a race, there's no backing out.

[photo by steve rhodes]

just last weekend, in my homestate, the 98th annual bay to breakers race took place in san francisco. it's that kooky race where runners dress up (or not at all-eek...) and hike up a hilly 7 1/2 mile course. i'm penciling it in for next year, but i have a feeling i'm not going to be breaking my p.r. i'll be gawking at all of the creative costumes and probably rolling down the hills to make up for lost time. it looks like one big, fantastic party though.

[photos by rene drivers]

[photo by alan grinberg]

[photo by christian noble]

a+ for originality...but i can't look at this one for too long. yes, moving on...

[photo by christian noble]

[photo by alan grinberg]
bay to breakers 2010.
count me in.

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  1. and you would be just the person (and your family) we would love to have here on the Gold Coast in Australia re the many walks and runs and fitness thingies for mums and others; have a look at Google, good fun (-:)