Friday, May 8, 2009

part un: mother's day cake platter

oy. so the best laid plans don't always work out as i found out today. at least half of my project worked out, and tomorrow is a new day. so here is the half that did work out. i've been wanting to build a cake platter for some time now and finally found some suitable dishes to make one.

here are the materials that you need to do the job...q-tips and napkins for cleaning up the goopy glue spillover, a ruler to center your pieces together, a washable crayola marker and some good bonding glue. i used e-6000 that i bought at jo-ann's that dries transparent and is supposed to be washable.

i found two porcelain dishes at goodwill for 3 buckaroos total. the container is a shabby chic piece that someone originally bought at target (i thought it'd make an equally cute pencil/pen cup but decided to sacrifice it) and a white plate. you can also find bowls, plates and cups at your local target, kmart, walmart, and so on that would work too.

you can use a ruler to measure exactly where to center your bottom piece, but i just plopped my bottom piece down the center of the plate and marked the circumference with one of my kiddies crayola markers.
then i squeezed a ring of glue around the edge of the top of my cake base and glued the sucker down. **note about the glue**: it is super stinky so best to use it outside or near a window (or else pass out from the smell). then i used my q-tips and napkins to clean up where the glue squished out and wet another q-tip to erase my marker dots. i let my cake platter dry for a couple of days; you can put some weight on the top of the plate to hold it down if you like.
voila! cake platter!!!
i think it turned out pretty cute. ahhh...too bad my other "project" is not so lovely, but i will repost "part deux" of this mother's day gift tomorrow.
i'll give you a hint: petit gateau!
until then,
oh and happy friday!

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