Thursday, May 14, 2009

news alert

baby birds in the house!!! yes, the babies have hatched- two of 'em to be exact. we're still waiting on the third and final one to make his debut. the kids were relieved, excited and beyond happy at their arrival.

it happened so fast... just this morning i checked on the little buggers and they were still nestled in their cozy little eggs. and the next moment, it's the p.m. and the kids are tumbling off the bus, peepin' for progress. and there they are! two little brand new babies, mouths turned up and calling for mama robin for a little something to snack on.

they are so fresh and new. some might say not the, uh...cutest things in the world. still pink and featherless and their eyes have yet to be developed. but we will rival that they are the most adorable little baby robins because they're "ours" (you know how it is). now that they've made their way into the world, it's only proper to name them now. it will be interesting to see what the kids pick out...
we are happy to have them here, alive and well after all the drama last weekend. round one, over...(ding). now for round two...fingers crossed that the neighborhood kitty stays away.
to spring, baby birds and all that's new,

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